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Sales force is the most important part of a company. Without them, a company wouldn’t go anywhere. In fact, the life of a company depends of the work of the sales force.

Regarding the excellent work of the sales team, PT. SIIG has decided to arrange the SALES PROMOTION session on February 18th, 2013. This even was held in Bangkok Jam Restaurant in Emporium Mall Pluit, Jakarta.

In this event, the management has stated their appreciation to the great jobs that have been done by the sales team. As the appreciation of the great jobs, there are some rewards that have been set for some of the sales team members.  Five members of the sales team have been awarded as their glowing performance that gave lots of contributions to the corporation.

Those five persons are, Fajar Ariyadin - a member of Prima Electrindo Sales team, Maju Silaen - a member of SIER ELE Sales team, Sulyanto - a member of SIER ELE Sales team, Fiqih S Nurviadi – a member of LEMOVA Sales team, and Doni Pranoto – a member of LMM Sales team. These five persons have been awarded with a promotion to the higher level in the sales team. Special for Doni Pranoto, his excellent achievement in 2012 has been awarded more with a vacation package to Bali for two persons.

In his speech, Mr. Kenneth Lie, the director of PT. SIIG said that he is truly grateful with the sales teams, especially these five persons. However, Mr. Kenneth Lie continued, lots of things should be improved in 2013. All things should be better and all of the corporation members should work harder and harder. The SALES PROMOTION Session is closed with luncheon of the sales team and the managements of PT. SIIG.


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